Good Day Light Bulb

by  Lighting Science


Boost your energy -- no caffeine required!

Our GoodDay™ bulb is the only biologically-correct LED lighting solution proven to give you more energy, promote alertness and enhance performance with our patented, stimulating blue-enhanced spectrum. This technology was first developed for NASA for use by its Astronauts on the International Space Station. 

Ideal for everyday use and for those affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder (DSPD).

Using the GoodDay™ bulb is a safe, natural and effective way to assist your body in getting a natural boost -- similar to being outside and enjoying some sunshine.

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About Lighting Science

At Lighting Science, we believe lighting should work with our bodies and the environment, not against them. That’s why our LED lights are engineered to do more than simply light up spaces. They can actually help you sleep. Or keep you focused. They can even protect endangered wildlife. And they do it all while saving energy, costing less, and looking great.