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5-Day Reset - The Science Behind It

The typical modern lifestyle is filled with processed foods, environmental toxins and perpetual stress. We’re undernourished, overworked and exhausted, and the result is widespread inflammation, dull skin, imbalanced hormones, low energy, excess weight and a general lack of mental clarity and inspiration. Fortunately, it’s within your power to feel better, stronger, more confident and more productive, and it all starts with food. The functional products in this collection will help you hit your personal reset button, clearing your mind, strengthening your body, breaking old habits and replacing them with new, healthy ones. It starts with clean, plant-based meals you can prepare with the guidance of exclusive recipes. You can then incorporate high-quality supplements to ensure you’re getting the most out of every day and every bite. Studies show your gut microbiome—which controls everything from your digestion and weight to your skin and sex drive—changes within hours of eating. That means it doesn’t take long for you to start to experiencing the benefits of a clean diet and lifestyle. Whether you want to kick-start a healthier, more caring routine or need some support getting back on track, this kit contains everything you need to feel your best.