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Beauty Foods Collection - Why We Chose It?

Coconut, found in Beauty Bars, is a superfood full of antioxidants, with a range of nutritional benefits. And the rose has a long history as both a symbol of love and beauty and a calming—which is why it’s also key ingredient in Beauty Water. 

Key Ingredients

-Beauty Water: Calming, anti-inflammatory rose and 72 trace minerals, including silica to support collagen and keep hair and nails strong.

-Beauty Bars: Coconut for medium-chain fatty acids to nourish cell membranes and lower inflammation, pineapple for Vit C to support collagen production and fight free radicals and MSM to build keratin for strong hair and nails.

-Dark Chocolate Granola: Ashwagandha to alleviate adrenal fatigue and help
the body cope with stress, dark chocolate to raise mood-lifting serotonin and provide age-fighting antioxidants and Brazil nuts for hormone-balancing selenium.