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Rest & Relax Collection - Why We Chose It?

Originally cultivated in the monasteries of Europe, lavender (found in both our Sleep Tea and I Dream In Lavender Pillow Spray) is known for its calming aromatherapeutic effects. The hemp plant (where CBD comes from) is one of the 50 fundamental herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and in Ayurveda, it is considered a heavenly, sacred botanical revered for its role in humankind’s spiritual and mental evolution. The ocean has long been a symbol of healing; ancient civilizations looked to the sea to cure muscle aches, soothe the skin and detoxify the body. Pursoma’s Minerals de Mer Bath Soak is both a treat for the body and a sacred self-care ritual for the soul.

Key Ingredients

-CBD Chocolates: With CBD oil, a non-psychoactive chemical compound
derived from the cannabis plant (i.e. cannabinoid) found to relieve stress, reduce anxiety and lift the mood. Also contains raw dark cacao, which lowers inflammation with antioxidants and increases endorphins and serotonin to boost the mood.

-Sleep Tea: With catnip to calm the nervous system, valerian to help you fall asleep faster, kava kava to reduce anxiety and passionflower to encourage relaxation.

-I Dream In Lavender Pillow Spray: With organic lavender essential oil to calm the mind and body.

-Pursoma Minerals de Mer Bath Soak: Contains French gray sea salt and
spirulina to draw toxins from the body and soothe sore muscles.