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Sustainably-sourced from the finest matcha teas in Uji, Kyoto Prefecture, House of Matcha draws on the wisdom of 800 years of Japanese practice and perfection. Vibrant. Vital. Everyday.


House of Matcha teas are a soothing ritual that leaves us feeling energized, attentive, calm and productive.


Matcha has unique properties, which have been linked with adult hippocampal neurogenesis (brain plasticity). It also helps increase alpha, beta and theta activity in the brain, and is known to promote relaxation, as well as reduce stress. And its antioxidant effects can help with disease prevention.

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About House of Matcha Inc

House of Matcha represents the vision of three friends to bring the fruits of 800 years of Japanese practice and perfection to the West. To unite a community around shared knowledge that enables us to forge healthier and more meaningful lives. It has taken us through verdant fields in the biggest and the smallest tea farms in Japan, to the tables of countless masters, in search of the definitive, flawless matcha. We found it. Air-sealed for unrivalled freshness, designed for a modern Western market but with respect and homage to Japan, House of Matcha promotes health in mind and body. Through creating an easy space for ritual, House of Matcha promotes vital moments of reflection in which we are energized and invigorated by the power of tea. House of Matcha – quiet moments for a performance lifestyle.