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Eat Right Now is a 28-day program to help you change your relationship to eating -forever. Developed by Dr. Judson Brewer, MD PhD, an addiction psychiatrist and world-renowned expert in mindfulness training, this program, delivered through your smartphone, will give you step-by-step training to help you learn how to manage food cravings, what type of food you reach for, and how you eat.

Learn the mindfulness skills you need at home, at your own pace. This evidence-based digital therapeutic program delivers over thirty short video lessons that help you identify and work with habitual and emotional eating patterns so you can rewire your brain as you build your mindfulness skills one moment at a time. The program also includes an online community for peer and expert support, and a live weekly web-based group, both moderated by Dr. Brewer and other experts.

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Features include:
-Daily playlists with video and audio
-An interactive stress test
-Customizable daily goals
-Daily night reflection
-Bonus exercise tracks
-Daily check-in reminders
-And more!


Eat Right Now was developed by Judson Brewer, MD PhD, an internationally known expert in mindfulness training and research. Building on then years of Dr. Brewer’s work, clinical trials at UCSF have proven its efficacy for reducing craving-related eating.

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