emWave 2

by  HeartMath Inc.

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HeartMath's emWave2 is an effective mobile technology that uses real-time heart rhythm (HRV) feedback using lights and audio cues. With emWave2 users learn to reduce stress, reinforce balanced composure, increase mental clarity and resilience. The mobile emWave2 can also interface with the user’s computer to run sessions and track user progress over time.


HeartMath's award-winning technologies are based on over twenty years of evidence-based HRV coherence research and 250 independent peer-reviewed studies. The technology is used and recommended by thousands of health professionals world-wide, along with hospitals such as Stanford, Kaiser and Cleveland Clinic.

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About HeartMath Inc.

HeartMath was founded by Doc Childre in 1991 to help individuals, organizations and the global community incorporate the heart’s intelligence into their day-to-day experience of life. We do this by connecting heart and science in ways that empower people to greatly reduce stress, build resilience, and unlock their natural intuitive guidance for making better choices. Our goal is to share the HeartMath story in ways that inspire others to create a more heart-connected world with us. Since our inception we have been developing and delivering research-based, practical, and reliable tools and technologies that enable people to align and connect their heart, mind and emotions to produce transformative outcomes—with more flow and less stress. In essence, our products and services are designed to empower people to improve their experience of life and bring their best selves to their personal, social, and professional lives. Our dedicated leadership team and staff are committed to helping activate the heart of humanity. Compassion, resonance and transformation are core values that guide our interactions and decisions.