Breathe & Thrive Lavender Pillow

by  Coco-Mat

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Breathe deeply, breathe sweetly.

Place this small pillow filled with lavender seeds & Activated Carbon under any pillow and allow the gentle fragrance of lavender to relax you, while the activated carbon purifies the air throughout your sleep environment. Get the sleep you need and deserve.

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About Coco-Mat

COCO-MAT Sleep On Nature creates mattresses from natural materials such as natural latex, see weed, wool, cotton, horsehair and coconut and cactus fiber and not the commonly used technical materials such as metal springs and memory foam. It was founded in 1989 with a mission to contribute to people’s wellbeing through quality sleep on products made from nature – Sleep on Nature. It has established itself as a global brand with a growing presence in major cities in 17 countries world-wide and over 100 points of sale. For more information, visit