RetinaShield Screen Protector

by  Tech Armor

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  • DID YOU KNOW - Prolonged exposure to smartphones and tablets could cause digital eye-strain. Devices with LED screens release a form of bright, blue light. Blue light is desirable to device manufacturers because of its efficiency and power. The downside for our children and us is that the intensity of the blue light, it can cause digital eye-strain. Blue light exposure can also lower melatonin levels associated with deep, peaceful sleep.
  • WHAT IS TECH ARMOR RETINASHIELD? - Tech Armor RetinaShield Screen Protectors are ideal for children and adults, filtering harmful Blue Light, which can lead to eye-fatigue and eye-strain while promoting healthy melatonin levels for better sleep.
  • WHY BUY TECH ARMOR RETINASHIELD? - Tech Armor is the #1 trusted online resource for screen protection with our industry leading LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY. Bubble-free, easy install, and perfect fit, guaranteed!


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