Sense with Voice

by  Hello Inc


Sense with Voice sits on your nightstand and uses an array of sensors to monitor the environmental conditions in your bedroom, while the included Sleep Pill clips to your pillow and tracks sleep through movement during the night. With Sense, you get a detailed breakdown of sleep cycles, learn how the enviornment affects your sleep and see trends in sleep quality. Available in Cotton and Charcoal.


Sense helps you sleep better by giving you information about your bedroom environment and the data you need to make improvements for quality sleep. And with voice control, you can keep your smartphone out of the bedroom.


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About Hello Inc

The Future of Well-being

Hello is a team of designers, engineers, and operations staff. Collectively, we have built products and services that millions of people around the world use every day. Sense is designed to fit into your life, not complicate it. The Sleep Pill clips to your pillow and tracks your sleep using a precision accelerometer — there’s nothing to wear, and nothing to charge. It gets out of the way, so you can just sleep.