Silk Sleep Mask

by  The Goodnight Co.

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Achieve the ultimate night’s sleep with The Goodnight Co’s 22 momme 100% Mulberry Silk Eye Masks. Our sleep masks provide an extra barrier against sleep disruptions, ensuring you can enjoy a luxurious night’s sleep, and keeping the sensitive skin around your eyes looking and feeling fresh.

Made from 100% pure mulberry silk, your delicate skin will retain it’s natural moisture underneath the eye mask, helping you reduce fine lines, wrinkles and skin impurities all while you sleep. Silk sleep masks won’t absorb your skin cream or any leftover makeup either, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re going to wake up looking simply fabulous.


Sleep masks are an essential for blocking the outside world and ensuring uninterrupted sleep. They're a must-have accessory for your bedtime ritual, for sleeping on the go or a mid-day office nap.

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About The Goodnight Co.

The Goodnight Co. was established by two Australian mums in early 2015.Having heard about the many benefits of sleeping on silk, founders Shea and Danielle decided that they wanted to help make a good night’s sleep easier to come by. So, with a desire to find the perfect sleep solution, the two young mums went about finding the perfect silk to match the strictest of quality criteria. And once they found the elusive silk product, the Goodnight Co. was born! The range launched with a selection of luxurious pillow cases and sleep masks that are truly to die for. Since launching The Goodnight Co. in early 2015, the product range has expanded to include silk sleep masks, sleep tees made from 100% cotton, a chemical free silk washing liquid and a range of crystals, each with a unique combination of healing properties which you can take with you, wherever your head hits the pillow.