The Pil-ookie Pillow

by  Ultimate Beauty Pillow LLC

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The Pil-ookie (R) is the patented sleeping pillow designed by Dr. Cheryl Huang for healthy skin... and more. The pillow's special proprietary design helps prevent facial wrinkles from forming during those precious 8 hours of sleep-time (= a third of your life!). Face, eyelashes, and brows are spared the crushing that can normally occur. Skincare products stay in place so they can have maximal effect. In addition, the gentle slope helps optimize circulation so you wake up looking more refreshed. Also very beneficial for acne skin, side-sleeping during pregnancy and night-time nursing, people with dental braces, and snorers. Custom pillowcase fashioned with wrinkle-resistant satinique cotton and matching organza travel bag included. Hypoallergenic angelhair polyfill. 100% made with care and pride in the USA.

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